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Tulum, QR, Mexico

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Can someone say, "Girls Trip!"

When I tell you guys that Tulum is literally one of my favorite places to this date! I Honestly had an amazing time with great friends, good food and a lasting experience. I definitely plan on going back, soon, because we didn't get to explore all over like we originally planned, but the birthday girl wanted this to be a serene, relaxing trip with some of her favorite girls! We needed at least another day or two to drive around to see the cenotes, the jungle and do other excursions; there was just so much to see and do and not enough time.

We found a really nice Airbnb in Tulum that was about an hour & a half away from the airport in Cancun. They were like villas, in a gated area, with someone at the front 24/7. It was beautiful and the manager was so sweet, and very helpful with reservations and suggestions in the area. We rented a car to get around, since there were five of us, it was an easier, and cheaper option. Everything was so close and easy to navigate around even if you don't know Spanish (a lot of the locals speak English). It definitely helps to know some though, but I was excited got to use my Spanish while I was there, and I feel way more confident speaking it.

The first day we spent most of our time in the airport at customs and then 2 hours driving home and getting something to eat, so we just chilled by the pool at the house. We found a local taco stand that was on the way to the house, & the salsa was fire!

The next day we woke up and went into the cutest area which was the like the main pueblo where all the spa resorts, boutiques and restaurants were. We had the most amazing Vinyasa Yoga class with a lookout on the beach. It was the most relaxing, and one of the best experiences ever, to just be able to take in the ocean views, the sounds of the wind and waves all while getting a beneficial workout in, it's crazy to try to describe it.

We walked around a bit after and then headed back to the house to change for lunch and other activities.

Next stop was lunch at Pablo Escobar's mansion at Casa Malca. We ate lunch on the beach and watched turtle eggs hatch. then explored the mansion. The Mansion was turned into a hotel and also housed 3 restaurants, bars, and a variety of photo worthy, themed rooms.

Later that night we ate at Gitano, that had all the feels. Great ambiance, music and a bar area to mingle. The food was amazing at the service was great too! I had ceviche tostadas (which were absolutely amazing) and a pork dish, which was enough to share.

After dinner, we went across the street to La Rosa Negra where the drinks were fresh, and the DJ was lit! He played everything from Bad Bunny to Megan Thee Stallion, so you know we had a good time.

The next morning we set sail for a private yacht tour. There was a shuttle that came to pick us up and the plan was to go out, party on the boat, snorkel, dock for a while and come back. The water was very choppy that day because it was supposed to rain, so unfortunately we didn't get to go out and snorkel, but I get very seasick easily so I was glad to not take any chances, although I had my Dramamine with me. We got to ride for a while and dock at a shallow area with other boats and basically partied all morning. It was seriously crazy how much fun we had & everything that went down all before noon! We had way too much fun and met some cool people.

We walked around some, ate lunch on the beach and just enjoyed each others' company.

We spent our last night partying with some friends we met, and went to a local bar not too far from the house and ended the night with some authentic tacos and good convo!

Over all, this trip was a success, and I would go back any time I can! Everything about Tulum was beautiful, from the views to the people. I got to celebrate my friends' birthday and enjoy a wonderful vacation.


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