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Los Angeles & Veuve Clicquot

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

This Cali trip was dedicated to attending the 10th annual Veuve Clicquot polo Classic for my girl Trice's birthday! I honestly didn't know what all to expect as I had never been to a polo match before, but looking at the photos from the event in New York earlier in the year, I was excited to go!

Jontrice invited me along for her birthday trip in Los Angeles for this event & I couldn't be happier that I was there to celebrate and experience something different. I have been to LA before because my sister lives there, and the vibes are different from Houston, but I was ready to live my best "boughetto" life at this fancy polo match! Hahaha!

I arrived late Friday night and just got settled into our amazing (& expensive) AirBnb we rented. The views, were just AHmazing. The style of the home was modern, but had a special touch that the owners added. We were essentially living in a two story box for the weekend. The hills, the sunrise, sunset, etc., I could go on and on. just enjoy the photos. Lol.

Saturday we woke up early, got dressed in our Sunday Best, and headed to the Polo Classic. We received Veuve Clicquot champagne glasses, and a couple of other souvenirs upon arrival, and found a great spot in the front on the lawn.

But yall, let me just say; we were dressedt! To the T! And so much black excellence there. The style, the ensembles, we were out there slaying & I had to take a moment to recognize how we as a people & culture have started to come out of our comfort zone to explore and experience new things, make memories and just have fun! We had so much fun with everyone just vibing, smiling, being happy and enjoying the day. Everyone there looked great & displayed their own style. It was really cool to see all the different styles and accessories.

We ate good, drank good, and got various souvenirs including a nice umbrella, and champagne koozie. It really was an awesome experience and I had fun with my friends!

That night we went to eat at Barton G's. A pretty cool dining experience with over the top presentations and large portions of food.

Sunday, we hiked Runyon Canyon.

Then we ate at this cool brunch spot, The Griddle, with an almost endless menu. The food was great, and you get large portions. I would definitely go back!

Later we caught up with some friends to hangout & pregame, then went out to a lowkey lounge called Lock & Key.

The next morning we drove through Beverly Hills, visited the Louis Vuitton museum and walked around Rodeo Drive. I enjoyed my last lunch with the crew at the Equinox and headed off to the airport to go home!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in LA this time around, got to see a different side of the city. I'm glad I was able to experience something different this time!


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