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Juicing: First Time Pros & Cons

I have had a lot going on in my personal life the past few months. Lots of changes good and bad, and I wasn't taking care of my body like I should have been. I always thought of myself as a relatively healthy person, (don't drink soda, rarely eat fried foods, pork or red meat, not a fast food person, except Chick fil A), but I started gaining more weight because I was eating unconsciously and not working out due to a hectic schedule. I eventually started to get in front of the situation before it gets harder to go back to normal, which is also why I haven't had many recent recipes. I have started eating cleaner, paying more attention to what and how much I eat, and working out again, with the guidance of a trainer and meal plans. So far, I have seen some progress, lost weight gained some muscle weight, and then fell off for about a week in the diet area so I decided to try to juice right before my next trip.

First thought was to buy my juices. I had heard of a few places that provided juicing options for 1-4 or 5 days. I like to buy black so I wanted try a place some people recommended, but I was just hesitant about the prices. If you are like me, I am currently on a strict budget because I have had, and have upcoming trips, weddings, and other obligations and responsibilities, paying $150 for vegetable juice just didn't seem too feasible for me at the moment and wasn't that serious.

I got with a friend (Tifani) and we decided we would juice on our own! But I surfed the internet for a few ideas and recipes that we could use. Now I tried to do this before, but, #1 I wasn't as serious, #2 I didn't have a juicer; blending all these foods together was a huge mistake, it tasted horrible and the texture was that of applesauce, needless to say, I didn't make it past the morning of the second day and I was literally sick.

I found the best deals on fruits and veggies at Sprouts Farmer's market, and for everything we needed for approximately a 4 day juice cleanse, I spent about $50 (which later I realized I bought way too much stuff by over estimating and being over zealous).

So my first tip would be to make a plan, and set a realistic goal for how long you want to juice. I planned for 4 days, I only did 3 days as this was my first time and didn't know what to expect. If you have the time, I would juice daily or every other day and only buy what you need for the first two days. Like I said I went a little over board and could have saved even more money by not buying 18 cucumbers and 20 apples!

I read about some of the different effects that juicing could have on the body, good and also counter effective if you do not do it correctly. Things like adding too much fruit will have a high sugar content, preventing you from losing belly fat, and because you're not eating, low energy mood swings, and more. The second day was the hardest because I went to work (for those of you that don't know exactly what I do, I am a certified nursing assistant and I am literally moving around all day, nonstop) so by the middle of the day I was just dying to eat! I drank another juice, drank some water, and then drank some broth, problem solved!

Pros: I actually didn't experience any crankiness or mood swings! I had a lot of energy and felt very light and alert, even at work all day. The first day I even worked out, and I was not tired and groggy as expected. I did add protein powder to my first two drinks when I worked out, so that my body would have some calories to burn off after.

You will feel better, you will lose some weight (each person is different). There's no cooking, or buying food. Try it with a friend! This ishh is hard! I am not gonna lie, but it helped to have someone doing it with you, & you can both hold each other accountable. Every time I got hungry I would drink water and text her and she would tell me not to eat! lol & I would check in on her too. I can honestly say it made a difference & i felt better knowing I wasn't struggling by myself .

Cons: Sticking to it! By the middle of the day, I was always hungry. No matter how much water I drank, and how much i tried to get my mind off of it, I was just hungry. It's normal. But the mind is a powerful thing, and you can get through it!

Also, the actual time to juice. Prep can be a hassle. Cutting up the veggies, and juicing enough for 2 days worth in one night was a lot. We drank 6 juices a day, about 12-16 oz each drink in 16 oz mason jars (HEB has a 12 pack for about $8).

Using the bathroom. I won't go into detail, but keep in mind you are drinking lots of fluids, and drink wisely, and don't be alarmed. You are what you eat.


Mason jars (or order plastic bottles on amazon when planning ahead of time)

Update: In just those 3 days I lost almost 6 pounds. I was also eating pretty clean and working out before, so I definitely think that helped with the process also.


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