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Island Tings

Nassau, Bahamas. June 2019.

The Bahamas was really everything I imagined, and more! It was so beautiful and I wish I had at least two more days to be even more immersed in their culture. This location was actually not my original vacation destination. As most of you know, I just graduated from UH, and instead of having a party, I asked my mom for a vacation for my grad gift.

We found a great deal on Southwest Vacations. Our original trip was booked for an all-inclusive, 4 star resort with flight and hotel credit in the Dominican Republic. In recent events, we waited close to the last minute (literally a week before), and just cut our losses because of the multiple deaths back to back, and decided on the Bahamas.

Once we arrived, we experienced a minor setback, but when we called Southwest Vacations they immediately accommodated us to a new resort on the Island that night and it was 1,000% better. You honestly don't know how happy and relieved we were when we arrived at the Melia. (Southwest for the win! my favorite airline). Closed mouths don't get fed!!! Lol

Our stay, the service, the activities, just everything was amazing! The entire staff at Melia was super friendly, helpful and always had a smile on. The rooms were nice, we had a pool view, and partial beach view from our balcony. They had activities every night, a free shuttle to the Baha Mar hotel next door, which was beautiful, where we could use their pool, casino, shop and utilize other amenities.

First full day we slept in, had breakfast and walked along the beach at our hotel. The weather was nice, the beach front was not too crowded and the water was beautiful of course!

Then we took advantage of the free boat ride from our resort to the Balmoral Island to enjoy VIP beach access, and food and drinks. They also offered other activities (not included), stingray pool, dolphin play, and swimming with dolphins. We did the stingray pool. The only downside is although these activities are cheaper than booking other excursions, but we could not take our own photos, and you had to buy all of the photos for over $100. I was able to bargain with them for a cheaper price.

The next day, we took the local bus downtown. Our first stop was at Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation. Small, but effective history lesson and timeline of slavery, and the birth of the Island.

We ate lunch downtown and enjoyed some local beer, music and shopping.

Came back to the hotel and relaxed, ate dinner and watched an amazing fire show put on by locals and some resort hosts.

After that we took a shuttle to the Baha Mar hotel, walked through the casino and was serenaded by a live band at the jazz bar.

Next day we took a boat out to snorkel.



Rode the banana boat

shopped at the straw market downtown

Our last day, we wanted to eat with the locals and took a trip to the fish market. It's a popular restaurant strip with locally owned bars and restaurants offering authentic Bahamian foods. Lots of conch, everywhere. lol

I really enjoyed myself and had so much fun with just my mom and I. I fell in love with the Bahamas, the culture, the scenery, and the people. I cannot wait to go back again and do more. (I wanted to swim with the pigs, and go to the pink sands islands, but that will be on the next round).


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