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Houston Rodeo & More

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

If you're a Houstonian, then you know it's that time of the year to start preparing for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! That means planning everything from deciding which day is best to visit the Rodeo and planning your morning and evening route home. If you're not a Houstonian, you're definitely in for a show.

The events run from February 25th to March 17th.

March 1st is Black Heritage day and I will be in attendance and am excited to see Cardi B perform! (although it's arguable whether or not she's 'black', they finally picked good entertainment for that day, in my opinion). But she sold out pretty quickly and I was able to snag some great tickets, so be on the lookout for my IG stories while I'm there!

Other performers that I wouldn't mind seeing are Brad Paisley, of course, Luke Bryan, Brooks & Dunn, Camila Cabello, Zedd, Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw, and more.

You can also enjoy the day riding rides, playing games and eating some of the awesome food they have at the carnival, or shop around in the NRG Center. There is so much to do for everyone! Also be sure to check out the website for free entry for family days, first-responders and other special events going on that you may not have experienced before like the wine show and others.

I am also excited for the cook-off event and you know I'll be front and center when I can finesse some tickets! Last year I didn't make it to any of the festivities and was super busy with work and school, but I'm excited for the Rodeo this year, while also anticipating the traffic since I work in the Medical Center.

And with all this new construction going on, traffic and transportation won't be any better. Roads and freeways are blocked everywhere, so it's best to leave home early and plan you're routes. There are various parking lots, further away from the stadium so you don't have to be in the congestion, that have shuttles to take you to and from the rodeo, and there is also the METRO Rail that is available.

Come back to my site to see my recap on the Houston Rodeo!

(if you have any tips for the rodeo, discounted tickets, or want to sell, etc. let me know and I will post any viable info!)

(photo from click2houston)


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