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Stuffed Bell Peppers


1/2 cup rice

1 can kidney (or black) beans

1tsp olive oil

1/2 lb ground turkey

1 cup corn

2 cups raw spinach

8oz can tomato paste (or use tomato sauce, then you won't need the chicken stock)

3/4 cup chicken stock

seasoning of your choice

1 tsp salt

1 up feta cheese

4 bell peppers (any color your heart desires)

4 slices of provolone (optional)


Heat oven to 350.

Cook rice, set to the side. Cook kidney beans, set to the side.

In a pan, on medium heat, add olive oil, ground turkey, corn and seasoning. Once turkey is just about done, add spinach and tomato paste, slowly adding in chicken stock until it is thinned out (if you used tomato sauce just stir in and heat).

Add the rice, beans, feta cheese, salt and more seasoning to taste, if needed. Mix together.

Wash bell peppers, cut off the tops and remove seeds and everything for a hollow inside. Scoop portions into bell peppers and add cheese on top.

Place on baking sheet/pan and place in oven for 15min, (don't let cheese burn)

Take out of oven and serve!!


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