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Food truck Friday!

So here are some of the food trucks that I've had before (in no particular order). All pretty good, I'm still on the hunt for more so if you know any good ones in your area that I havn t gotten to, let me know what you think and I'd love to go check them out and try them!

  • Gyro king

  • Mrs Patty's

  • Casian King

  • Flip n' Patties

  • Coreano's

  • Mai's

  • Friohana shaved ice

  • Dasman

  • Abu Omar Halal

  • The Waffle Bus

I'm sure there are a few more that I've had, but there are literally so many to choose from! Most of these you can find in Midtown, downtown, Discovery Green park, on UH campus and more.

#Foodtruck #food #foodie #Foodporn #variety #houston #midtown


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