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Labor Day in Hollywood

I wasn't going to make a post about this weekend but I had a few people ask me about my experience. It was a quick weekend trip that went by pretty fast. I didn't do as much as I wanted to, but Iw went to visit my sister since she recently moved there, so I will be able to go another time and do more.

My friend and I went, and we did some of the typical touristy things like walk down Hollywood Blvd and go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle. It was Labor Day weekend so it was very crowded and so much traffic that we didn't even bother to try to go to some of the places we expected to go.

We went to Santa Monica beach, which took probably an hour or more to get there from my sisters place in North Hollywood. The beach was extremely crowded, which was expected for the weekend. The clubs were pretty packed too. The party scene was fun, but in most clubs, unless you know someone, buy a section, or know a promoter, it's harder to get in or you pay. Luckily my sister met a few people out there so we really had no issues getting in anywhere and having a good time.

Despite my pictures, I struggled on Runyon Canyon park. So that lets you know how out of shape I really am! lol It was a struggle, but I made it up and back down. But I've been working out and eating better, so next time I can run to the Hollywood sign!

​My sister took us to this Tex-Mex place when we got there, the food was ok, but the margaritas were better. They had some good specials and you can make it Texas sized.

After one of the day parties we went to, we ate at Bossa Nova, which had great Brazilian food. The waiter recommended the popular chicken traditional chicken if you have never been there. I was not disappointed.

We were also invited to a private rooftop party which was cool, but your typical "Hollywood" party. But I made some new friends and had a cool experience. It's not hard to meet people and get into places or get invited somewhere, just have to play your cards right and be friendly.

People were actually a little friendlier than I thought out there. Our schedule was pretty tight since we basically only had two and a half days there, and traffic was ridiculous so it made it harder to do a lot of things. Next time I'll try to avoid going on a holiday if I can help. Over all, my time there was fun, and I plan on going back to do more & really just because I have a free place to stay; thanks Lauren :)

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