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My trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Disney World, where dreams really do come true!

So, I have been to Disney world in Orlando before, but I was pretty young and don't remember the whole experience of it. But going back as an adult and having as much fun as I did, I can only imagine how excited I was back then.

My mom surprised my sister and I by taking us this past March, and the weather was perfect. We stayed at the B Resort and Spa in the Disney Springs Resort area. We didn't drive or rent a car there, but we were able to walk to some of the restaurants in the area and to Disney Springs to shop and eat.

Instead of buying our tickets online, we waited until we got the hotel to buy the park passes. There are four theme parks and two water parks to visit. If you go online you can look at them and view the package deals they have. We were only there for about 4 days, but if you want to visit all the parks and get your money's worth its best to stay longer in order to allocate for time. I will not lie to you, the lines and wait times were absolutely crazy at Magic Kingdom. The other parks weren't as bad. One thing that helped us plan our day were booking fast passes on the 'My Disney Experience' mobile app. You can link your park passes to the account and book fast passes for rides or other experiences at any of the four theme parks and also has GPS with a map of the parks and real-time waits for rides and whatever else is going on, and other features. Its like having your own assistant and is extremely helpful and free!

So the first day when we arrived we just explored the resort and Disney Springs area. It was very nice and the restaurants were pretty good also. There was a live band performing, and a choir from a local school that was very entertaining to watch, lol.

The second day we went to Animal Kingdom. If you love animals like I do, then you will enjoy it; its like a magic zoo! There are singing parrots, live music, and a safari ride with various animals you would find in Africa. And you must go see the Lion King show, it was pretty awesome and interactive, and you or your kid may be picked to go up and dance in the show. We rode a few rides and the lines were actually short and moved fast. There were characters like Tarzan, and The Jungle Book characters walking around so you can stop and take pictures. I got excited until I realized Tarzan's abs weren't as good as they looked on TV. But, I guess for kids they don't really care about those things, right? We stopped and looked at all the animals, and then we got to the gorillas. Now, I'm sure you've heard of how gorillas can act crazy when they see humans, or when humans start badgering them, but I literally saw a gorilla try to fling his poop at someone! Luckily there was a glass window, and he didn't throw it that far, so no harm done, but it was hilariously disgusting. But a cool part of the park if you have kids is that they have an explorer book so that you can learn about different animals and stop and talk to the guides to find information and fill out the book for a prize at the end if you complete all the pages.

The next day we finally got to Magic Kingdom, and besides all the walking and waiting in lines, it was magical! In light of the new Beauty and the Beast movie that just came out, my mom and I were excited that I was able to book a fast pass to go to story time with Belle. It was a little different than expected but it was still exciting to meet Belle. The princesses at Disney World must go through extensive training or something, because they are more poised and flawless than Miss America! It was almost weird to just watch her hand movements and hear her talk. The animations were so life-like also. After that, we rode as many rides as we could waiting in the lines, and did other activities around the park. They also have dance breaks at the front of the park where Mickey Mouse and other characters come out on floats and dance. Be prepared to walk; that's all I'm going to say about that! There is so much to do, I can literally dedicate a whole article to this one theme park. But you cannot leave before seeing the "Once Upon A Time' show at the Cinderella Castle. Most of the show can actually be seen almost anywhere in the park, and it really seems like your dreams will come true! It was truly a magical experience and a beautiful show. The castle is lit up and there are fireworks and Tinkerbelle flying through the sky.

Our last day, we went to the water park, Typhoon Lagoon. The water park was fun and it was a great sunny day. The lines weren't long at all. The food wasn't that great, and it was over priced. If you have an extra day then I would go to the water park, but other than that, get your money's worth at the theme parks.

If you are thinking about going and are worried you won't have fun because of your age, just go, its so worth it and you will have just as much fun as the five year old running into you that's in a hurry to meet the Little Mermaid. There were people of all ages, and cultures. Everyone was friendly and I had the best experience. I'm glad I was able to enjoy Disney World as an adult and hope to go back again, especially since they just added the avatar attraction in the Animal Kingdom.

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